About Us

Workforce Development is an economic development approach that attempts to enhance the economic stability and prosperity of a community by focusing on people and industry needs.

It is a human resources strategy.

Accordingly, the mandate of the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) has expanded beyond the notion of employment or vocational training to include professional development and careers.

The DWD is modeled on the 'One Stop Career Centre' concept, which has a specific emphasis on job readiness, soft skills and preparation for employment.

The DWD is responsible for the implementation of recommendations contained in the National Training Plan, establishing industry standards and co-ordinating and implementing training programmes to develop and prepare suitable job searchers with the appropriate jobs – and matching them with employers.


The DWD is made up of three sections:

  • Labour Relations;
  • Career Development; and
  • Training.

Our Labour Relations section is an impartial and confidential employment relations service offering conciliation and mediation to resolve disputes, overseeing the certification and decertification of Unions in the workplace and advising on good employment practices. Click here to go to the Labour Relations section of our website.

Our Career Development section is responsible for the accurate assessment of individuals for employment and career development, as well as working with employers on the placement of prepared individuals in available and suitable posts. Click here to go to the Career Development section of our website.

Our Training section is responsible for all internal and external training for employees and clients, respectively, in collaboration with industry partners and educational institutions. Click here to go to the Training section of our website.


We strive to be Bermuda's premier provider of services that strengthen the workforce, thereby enabling businesses and the community to sustain economic prosperity.


Our mission is to provide services to employees, employers and job searchers that strengthen the workforce in alignment with international standards, and promote sustainability, and stability within the community.

Core Values

Service Excellence: We are customer-focused and deliver positive experiences with every interaction. We understand our customer needs. We are accessible, friendly, reliable, and provide timely service to all customers. We are proactive in offering options and solutions to all stakeholders.

Professionalism: We ensure that our conduct is ethical, honest, consistent, fair, equitable and transparent. We accept responsibility for our actions and substantiate decisions made with respect to our management, employees, business partners and customers. We demonstrate best practice competence and skills that are required to attain our mission.

Adaptability: We integrate development solutions and opportunities as an approach to guide management, employees, business partners and customers towards achieving high performance in their professions. We strategically and positively alter the general course of a situation, particularly as it applies to economic and environmental changes. With stakeholder input, we continue to renew or upgrade developmental requirements, solutions and services that will maintain customer confidence and ensure quality assurance.

Collaboration: We create a culture that will promote management and employee involvement, open communication, teamwork and co-operation. Our employees are our most valued asset. We recognise that the quality, motivation and performance of our employees are key factors in achieving our success in our community.

Commitment: We provide a high standard of service to all of our stakeholders that will be in the best interests of maintaining a sustainable and healthy economic environment.


 Our staff addresses issues arising under a variety of legislation, including:

  • Employment Act 2000;
  • Labour Relations Act 1975;
  • Trade Union Act 1965;
  • Labour Disputes Act 1992;
  • National Training Board Act 1997;
  • Workers' Compensation Act 1965; and
  • NTB – Apprenticeship and Training Regulations 2009.

Boards and Committees

Our staff deals with a variety of boards and committees, including:

  • National Training Board;
  • Labour Advisory Council;
  • Employment Tribunal;
  • Permanent Arbitration Tribunal; and
  • Essential Industries Disputes Settlement Board

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