About Us

Our Labour Relations section (“the Section”) oversees the certification and decertification of unions in the workplace, and manages labour disputes in both unionised and non-unionised environments.

We also promote dispute resolution and prevention and management/employee engagement by offering a variety of training and workshop opportunities.

The Section offers a range of free and unbiased services to employers and employees – from consultations on employment situations to managing a complaint or a labour dispute through to settlement or to referral for disposition by a tribunal or arbitration panel.

The Section comprises a labour relations manager, labour relations officers and an administrative assistant.

The Section is responsible for the administration of several pieces of legislation including:

  • Employment Act 2000;
  • Labour Relations Act 1975
  • Labour Disputes Act 1992;
  • Trade Union Act 1965; and
  • Workers Compensation Act 1965. 

These can be found at www.bermudalaws.bm under the consolidated laws.

Employment Act 2000

Complaints and disputes comprise the majority of the work managed by the Section.

The Employment Act 2000 sets out the minimum standards for the terms and conditions of employment for persons working full time in Bermuda and defines employees for the purposes of complaints under this Act.

Labour Relations Act 1975

The Labour Relations Act 1975 enables the settlement of labour disputes via conciliation or arbitration and further establishes and governs the procedures of the Essential Industries Dispute Settlement Board for the settlement of labour disputes within essential industries.

The Act further establishes the procedures of the Permanent Arbitration Tribunal for the settlement of labour disputes within essential services. 

Labour Disputes Act 1992

The Labour Disputes Act 1992 establishes the procedures for the establishment of a Labour Disputes Tribunal where it is expedient for the settlement of certain labour disputes.

Trade Union Act 1965

The Labour Relations Section applies the Trade Union Act 1965 as it relates to certification and decertifiction of Unions in the private and public sectors. The process for certifictaion  is that the Director of the Department of Workforce Development ("the Direcor") is responsible for the initial review of the application, assists the parties in determining the bargaining unit and conducts a secret ballot of the Employees to certify whether or not the Union will act as the sole bargaining agent for them. The process for decertification is that the Director upon application from the Employer or a group of Employees, inquires into the reasons for the application and conducts a secret ballot of the Employees to determine whether or not the Union will be removed as the sole bargaining agent. 

Workers’ Compensation Act 1965

The Workers’ Compensation Act 1965 establishes the compensation for injury or occupational disease arising out of and in the course of employment.