For Job Seekers

At the Department of Workforce Development (DWD), we work with you to build career skills for career success.

Offering expert guidance and proven strategies, our seasoned career development officers will provide personal attention every step of the way to help you to achieve your career goals.

Whether you are just starting your career, have been recently laid off and need assistance with a job search, are considering pursuing a new career direction or simply want to ensure that you're prepared for a job search should you suddenly need to embark on one, we can help.

Working with you one-on-one, we can assist you with career guidance, help you to search for a job, polish your resume writing and interview preparation, enroll you in job readiness programmes and provide advice regarding professional development.

You can use our on-site Resource Centre to work on your resume, or search the Internet for job postings.

Our summer employment programme for college students provides meaningful work and training experience.

How We Help

  • One-on-one career counseling ensures that you receive personalised attention and the support and encouragement you may need along the way to keep you positive and focused.
    • We help you to develop job search strategies by encouraging participation in a job search workshop and developing an action plan;
    • We provide assistance in researching target companies and identifying open positions; and
    • We help you to adjust your strategy and/or resume, cover letters, etc. in response to employer feedback and differing audiences.
  • We can help you to define and conduct a job search campaign. We provide job search assistance for a wide range of job seekers, including:
    • People just starting a career;
    • People considering a job/career change; and
    • People who have recently been laid off.
  • We provide job readiness workshops in resume writing, keyboarding, Microsoft Word and Intro to Excel.
  • Our Resource Centre has computer stations with Internet access to online job listings, employer information and more.
  • The DWD has ongoing relationships with many local employers and we are continually identifying, soliciting and receiving notice of employment opportunities on the Island, which we make immediately available to qualified clients.
  • Job fairs arranged by DWD's career development officers on behalf of employers can get your resume moved to the top of the pile. Career development officers will do preliminary screening of candidates for specific open positions. If you are a good fit for one of the employers' positions, you will have a brief interview with an employer representative to determine if they would like to move you to the next step for further consideration. 

 Call today for more information – 297-7714.

Hours of Operation

Our intake hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Career Guidance

Whether you just can't figure out what you want to do, or think your career may not be a good fit, we can help you. Our career development officers will take you through a selected set of career/interest assessment tests to help identify your interests, abilities and values to determine how they relate to career opportunities.

We provide a number of interactive career assessment tools, vocational and educational information to help persons make better informed career and school choices. This is a great resource service for students in high school about to make career and training choices; or the mid-career person who is thinking about a career transition.

We offer access to our Resource Center which contains a wide array of publications on employment and training skills. We also sponsor eligible candidates for various courses at the Bermuda College or locally accredited institutions. You can further explore your career interest by contacting one of our career development officers.

Job Search Assistance

The search for rewarding employment can be a daunting task. Sometimes, it is difficult to know where to start, or how to find the "hidden" jobs. DWD career development officers can assist you in formulating a specific job search plan to help you realise your career goals. We'll help you identify opportunities and provide support and encouragement along the way to keep you focused.

Career development officers can help you to identify various employment opportunities in the local labour market. Daily, career development officers scan employer websites and review local listings in the newspaper to learn of employment opportunities. In addition, a career development officer will inform potential employers of an individual or group of individuals who are seeking work.

Resume Writing and Interviewing Preparation

Competition for employment is extremely challenging. Recruiters and hiring managers often receive scores of resumes for each open position. Let us help you package yourself and your credentials for increased competitive advantage.

Career development officers will assist you with the preparation and building of a professional resume by using their expertise in addition to résumé writing software resources.  We also facilitate training courses/workshops  to equip you with the tools and confidence to handle job interviews. In addition, the workshops include a practice session where you are given individual feedback on your interviewing strengths and areas of improvement.

Job Readiness Programmes

In addition to individual career services, DWD offers numerous workshops to help you become job ready. We also co-ordinate periodic job fairs that can get qualified candidates in front of employers with open positions.

Professional Development Assistance

Further educational assistance is available to increase your basic academic skills, life skills, job readiness skills, computer literacy or communication skills. We conduct various training courses in-house to fit your needs. Please see our training calendar or contact a career development officer for more information.
To Access our Training Calendar Click Here.

Resource Centre

We have a Resource Centre at the DWD offices, where you can use our computers to update your resume and write cover letters. You also have access to our (online) Bermuda Job Board, as well as word processing, media and reference materials. A photocopier and Internet access are also available for you to use in your job search.

To access our Job Board click here.

Summer Employment Programme

Our Summer Employment Programme (SEP) is designed to provide Bermudian college students with meaningful work and training experience during the summer months. Our SEP provides an array of summer enrichment experience within the Government and private sector.

The SEP strives to:

  • Offer an opportunity to develop the skills, attitudes, and commitment necessary to succeed in today's world of work.
  • Provide a mechanism through which eligible students can earn money, gain meaningful work experience, participate in skills training workshops, and be exposed to various careers.
  • Enhance basic academic and other skills necessary to obtain and maintain long-term employment.
  • Help students make a smooth transition from school to career and/or higher education.

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