• Regulations (PDF)
  • Standard (PDF)
  • Process
  • Training Program (persons need to email welder@gov.bm to register for this program:
    • Welding Assessments are scheduled for the week of 27th of November 2017 at the Bermuda College
  • Customer Service
  • NCCER Safety Training


The Customer Service Training – 1 day

The Customer Service Training is a mandatory requirement for National Certification. The one day seminar (8:30 am – 5:00 pm) is designed to teach the basics for Understanding the Value of the Customer and how to Manage Challenging Customers.The course will provide the tools that enable the employee to professionally represent the employer with pride, integrity, and passion. Customer service skills improve customer satisfaction and help the business to retain customers.


Attend An Accredited Safety And Health Program – Allow for 12 ½ hours over the course of 3 days (includes 2 evenings and a Saturday)

This is the NCCER 12.5 hour Basic Safety course that aligns with OSHA’s 10-hour program.  Successful trainees will receive an NCCER Wallet Card with a CSSO credential.  Trainees will learn the importance of safety in the construction and industrial crafts (Trades). Trainees will learn how to identify and follow safe work practices and procedures and how to properly inspect and use safety equipment. Trainees will be able to describe the safety practices associated with elevated work; energy release; and various hazards encountered on jobsites.

Please contact Ms. Karen Schellinck of the Construction Association of Bermuda at caob@logic.bm to arrange a class. If you have already completed this course, please present your certificate to a Standards and Enforcement Officer at the Department of Workforce Development.