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Employee Referrals

We don’t have to tell you how critical it is to attract and hire the best employees.

Our career development officers can refer potential employees to local businesses that come to us before advertising available positions. We can also assist local businesses that are seeking to hire someone within the Closed or Restricted employment categories.

By partnering with the Department of Workforce Development (DWD), you benefit from our in-depth experience in providing career services to businesses and individuals.
You also get a partner that is committed to providing high-quality, professional service to you and to the candidates we meet on your behalf.

Businesses can forward vacant job descriptions to us for hiring assistance by emailing the information to employment@gov.bm.

Employee Referral Services

We list your job postings on our Bermuda Job Board website, and they are also featured on Bermuda Cablevision’s Workforce Development channel 87. We help you to fill vacant positions by searching for skilled, current clients on our database – and then screening, interviewing and presenting candidates to you for your consideration. We also assist in identifying and pre-screening candidates for a range of open employer positions by holding periodic Job Fairs. At those events, we introduce qualified candidates to you for brief interviews. This helps you to identify candidates for further consideration.

How We Help

We assist with the time-consuming but critical tasks of sorting applicants from our database, evaluating, and pre-screening candidates, thereby freeing up valuable time for you to focus on other priorities. We consult with you in order to develop an understanding of your company and the position(s) required so that we can refer well-qualified candidates to you – and so that we can present prospective candidates with a compelling picture of your organisation and the position(s) available. We screen all viable candidates and provide you with resumes, cover letters and references for those persons we believe best fit the position requirements. We organise Job Fairs, which provide a cost-effective means of identifying a qualified pool of applicants for open positions. Your needs are important to us, and we will work with you to structure a solution that meets them.

Processing of Job Vacancies

Employers who need to recruit staff can call directly to our offices at 297-7714 or send an email to us at employment@gov.bm with information about job vacancies. We also encourage employers to participate in our Job Fairs.

Job Board

The Bermuda Job Board is a national employment website. Employers can post available job opportunities and candidates can apply directly on the website or by using theresources available at the DWD office. Bermuda Job Board postings are also listed on Bermuda Cablevision’s channel 87.

For more info visit www.bermudajobboard.bm

Resource Centre

We have a Resource Centre at the DWD offices, where you can use our computers to update your resume and write cover letters. You also have access to our (online) Bermuda Job Board, as well as word processing, media and reference materials. A photocopier and Internet access are also available for you to use in your job search.