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Internship Programmes

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Internship Programmes

A traineeship is a training contract between an employer and an employee in which the trainee learns the skills needed for a particular occupation.

A traineeship can be undertaken on a full-time or part-time basis and can be used as a valuable stepping stone to start a career in any industry. Unlike the apprenticeship programme, most traineeships take 12 to 24 months to finish on a full-time basis. However, with competency-based learning, one can complete a traineeship quicker than 12-24 months (time frame). This generally occurs for those who begin with a qualification or certification but lack experience.

Traineeships are not just for young people. Existing skills and experience are recognised and provide the trainee with credit that can subsequently reduce the requisite training time. Even if you have never formally studied or trained in a particular area, the knowledge and skills gained through work and life experience are considered using the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) application of assessment.

RPL is the formal recognition of a person’s current skills and knowledge, no matter how, when or where the learning occurred. Traineeships are encouraged to assist individuals in further advancing their Bermuda careers in management roles or other promotional opportunities.