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Apprenticeship Programmes

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Apprenticeship Programmes

Apprenticeship is a form of post-secondary training that teaches the skills and competencies necessary to perform tasks to an industry standard. Apprenticeship training provides the opportunity for hands-on learning under the direction of a certified journey person, with the ability to earn while you learn.

The training combines alternating periods of on-the-job and technical training. Technical training can occur at the Bermuda College or at an overseas accredited learning institution. Once the apprentice has completed the required hours and/or modules for an occupation, the apprentice can write a certification exam. Apprenticeship is regulated by the National Training Board (Apprenticeship and Training) Regulations 2009.

An apprenticeship can last from two to five years, depending on how many hours of work experience are required to be completed for the chosen occupation. It is expected that apprentices will complete the required examinations for the occupation in order to obtain a qualification/certification.

Apprentices between the 18 – 21 years of age must have completed high school; those over 21 are accepted as mature candidates. All applicants must be employed in the occupational area that interests them. An application for apprenticeship may be submitted at any time.